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WHy expansion

Why now ?

Today’s right momentum for investments in innovation is driven by the maturity and readiness of the venture capital (VC) ecosystem, a growing appetite for deep tech, and confirmation of public support, exemplified by initiatives like Cassini and France 2030. Early success stories in both the US and EU, such as Planet, ICEYE, and Apollo, highlight the potential of innovative startups.

Photo of a planet from space where a space shuttle can be seen

Multi-vertical strategy

Expansion’s target is to diversify investments across sub-sectors to mitigate risk.

An experienced team

First achievements delivered by an experienced and complementary team:
250+ start-ups met since 2021 (70% in the New Space ecosystem)
€10M raised and invested in 14 start-ups (incl. 2 Series A)

Multi-stage strategy

Adoption of a multi-stage strategy for value creation. Expansions’ investment strategy involves targeting a portfolio of 30-40 companies, with 15%-20% of the fund allocated to initial investments and 80%-85% for follow-on investments.