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New space

Technological coincidence, marked by decreasing costs due to miniaturization and maturation, coupled with innovative progress in propulsion, sensing and processing, is creating significant value in the space industry.

Thus, space industry holds promising prospects with high-quality data and the emergence of a space-for-space economy. However, the traditional sector faces obstacles like prolonged innovation cycles and sovereignty-related constraints.

Photo of a planet from space
Photo of a planet from space

Deeptech entrepreneurs are actively addressing these issues through agility, technology transfers, rapid innovation, and a strong commercial focus, positioning themselves to unlock the full potential of space frontier.

New air mobility

Today, New Air Mobility is resulting from the necessity of decarbonized aviation as part of ecological transition. With emerging hydrogen innovations and electric-powered aircrafts, zero-emission aviation is within reach. The boom of eVTOLs with advances in batteries and noise-free technologies is being part of this clear-sky revolution.
Simultaneously, drones are also part of this new air mobility transition by bringing better efficiency, greater payload capacity and lighter materials in the spotlight, opening a large range of commercial applications for many industries.

Photo of a planet from space where a satellite can be seen

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